Range Hood Installation Cost

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Written By Tristan Cameron

A range hood has become a standard fixture in most modern kitchens. The removal of smoke and cooking odours prevents the house or apartment from forever smelling like last night’s meal.

Here are some questions you ask yourself. 

Is your current range hood as effective as it could be? After a time, they get clogged and don’t perform as well as they first did. You might want to consider upgrading. 

Are you tired of the kitchen smelling bad and looking and feeling greasy? If you answered yes to this question, it’s time to get one.

You may be putting this project off as you’re concerned about the cost, and justifiably so. Currently, an installation of a new range hood is somewhere in the vicinity of $500–$2000.

Let’s look at all the factors that come into the costing so that you can be well prepared.

The Cost of the Different Types of Rangehoods

Do a Google search, and you can find range hoods that are as cheap as $90 to those that go well above $2,000. 

It’s vital to know which type of range hood best suits your kitchen and needs.


The most common type of range hood is a fixed one. As the name suggests, it’s set into place and does the job of removing smoke, steam, airborne grease, and cooking odours from the kitchen. Prices range from $220–$2,300.


If your kitchen is more compact in design, the retractable option may suit you more. It’s tucked away inside the hood. Sliding it out activates the light and fan, and it gets to work. When the cooking is complete, it slips back into its storage space again. Prices range from $80–$900.


Just like you’d see in a commercial kitchen, a canopy rangehood covers the entire cooking space. A canopy is a stand-alone unit and not installed as part of the cabinets; however, we can add them around it. Prices range from $200–$2,200.

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The Type of Installation Required

Now that you’ve chosen your range hood, you need to consider its position and effective ways for it to act. These factors will affect the overall price.

Type of rangehoodTime to installDescription 
Range Hood Ductwork4+ hrs $550 +Ductwork is required for any range hood, as that’s how the exhaust is removed from the kitchen. Depending on the location, the length of the duct, and any twists and turns, it can take several hours to finalise this task — time required 4+ hours.
Standard Hood System1-4 hrs$150 – $550Depending on how much electrical or ductwork is required, a standard range hood can take as little as an hour to install. The size and location of the unit will determine if this time increases — the time required is 1–4 hours.
Island Range Hood System3-4hrs$350- $600Islands add style to any kitchen, and the range hood needs to be positioned above it. As there will need to be roof access, it’s common for two electricians to be involved in the installation. Time required 3–4 hours.
Vent Hood System3-5hrs $350- $700Vent hoods require extra ductwork to be performed, so the installation time gets extended here. There are two options: run the exhaust through the wall and up out of the roof or pump it directly outside. Time required 3–5 hours.
Venting Through the Roof3hrs$500+ Sending the exhaust up the wall and through the roof requires less ductwork and therefore involves fewer labour hours. It’s the fastest and cheapest option — the average time required is 3 hours.

Additional Cabinetry

Unless you’re installing the canopy version, you’ll most likely need to add new or replace existing cabinets to fit around the range hood. We can take care of that for you as well, keeping in mind that it will also increase the labour hours needed. 

Removal of Existing Range Hood

Lastly, if we’re replacing an old range hood, we’ll need to remove the current one. There isn’t much of a market for out-of-date models, so disposal costs may need to be factored in.

Labour Costs

As you’ve just read, replacing or installing a new range hood isn’t a quick project. With all the variables to consider, you may need to allocate from a half to a full day for everything to be finalised. 

We’ve already written about the cost per hour for an electrician in every state of Australia.

In Sydney, for example, you’d expect to pay anywhere from $90–$130 per hour. 

Generally, a level 1 electrician can handle this type of job. If, however, for any reason, the street mains need to be switched on or off, then a level 2 professional would need to attend.

Why Choose North Shore Electricians?

In the 20 years we’ve been installing range hoods across Sydney, we’ve become experts at the task.

We’ve got the process down into a fine art and can offer you the maximum results in the least amount of time.

Remember, doing electrical work of this nature without a licence is illegal, and fines can be issued if you’re caught.

It’s best to have certified, licensed professionals, like Northshore Electricians, to take care of this project for you.

Contact us today, and one of our customer service reps will discuss the options with you. We’ll then send someone out to your property to give you a quote on which range hood choice will suit you the most.

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