How Much Does A Level 2 Electrician Cost In Sydney 

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Written By Tristan Cameron

Electrical work covers a broad range of services, some more advanced and with a higher level of danger than others.

Technicians are graded from levels 1 to 3 based on their qualifications and experience.

As such, the cost of hiring an electrician at a higher level is more.

We’ve already covered the standard cost of hiring an electrician right across Australia.

Now we’ll discuss what a level 2 electrician does and what you can expect to pay.

When Do You Need a Level 2 Electrician

For most everyday electrical emergencies caused by defective wiring or a fried circuit, one of our level 1 electricians is up to the task.

Once the issue is more complicated and requires work done to or from the electricity supply in the street, that’s when you need a level 2 electrician.

All of the team is experienced, but our level 2 (and 3, for that matter) have done extra study to get further qualified. 

Here’s an indication of what a level 2 can do that a level 1 can’t:

  • Private pole installation
  • Switchboard relocations
  • Disconnect and reconnect the electrical supply
  • Extending power to a studio or granny flat
  • Smart meter installations
  • Make repairs to overhead power lines
  • Electrical work for major renovations
  • Work on underground service lines
  • Point-of-attachment (POA) repairs
  • Burnt-out barge fuses emergency replacement
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Level 2 Electrician Cost Calculator

The Four Classes of Level 2 Electricians

Level 2 electricians have different qualifications and areas of expertise; here’s what our level 2s look like:

Class 2A Electricians

If you need to stop the power supply to your premises to perform maintenance or renovation work, these are the guys you need. They’re qualified to connect and disconnect power lines at the connection point.

Class 2B Electricians

When the work requires access to underground wiring systems, these guys step in. They’re experts at:

  • Relocating or upgrading existing underground service lines
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting underground power lines
  • Removing and replacing local electricity distributor security seals
  • Replacing service protection devices
  • Servicing active and neutral links

Class 2C Electricians

This team does the same type of work as 2Bs but with all overhead power lines.

Class 2D Electricians

To comply with Australian standards, your equipment must be fully functional. The service and maintenance of these items fall under the responsibility of class 2D electricians. Some of what they offer include:

  • Installing, replacing, or removing service protection devices
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting service equipment, such as service protection devices or fuses
  • Replacing local electricity distributor security seals

What About Level 3 Electricians?

That’s the topic for another day, but in a nutshell, they don’t actually perform electrical duties. Instead, they design complete overhead or underground electricity reticulation systems.

The Cost of a Level 2 Electrician

We’ve already completed a comprehensive guide on the hourly cost of electrical services in Australia. 

While a level 1 electrician can cost, on average, $60–$100 an hour, a level 2 will start around $120. This increase covers the additional experience, plus the danger factor that often comes into this level of work.

For example, any wiring connection is at least a 2-hour activity, so expect to pay from $240 up.

Installing a wiring system for a newly constructed house is a huge task and averages around $20,000 — more if additional services and installations are required.

Occasionally, if they have no current projects, we may send a level 2 electrician to perform level 1 work. But don’t worry; you’ll only be charged the appropriate fee for that particular task. 

How Do I Know Which Electrician I Need?

We agree it gets complicated to know which level of electrician is required for your specific needs. That’s why your best option is to give us a call. 

Our experienced customer service operators know the right questions to ask to ensure we fully understand what work has to be done. We’ll then match you with the appropriate electrician who’ll come out and take a look at the project to give you an estimated cost.

There’s no need to delay; contact us 24/7.

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