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Many switchboards in Australian homes can’t meet the needs of the everyday household.

Switchboards installed in contemporary Australian homes, especially those in the last century, weren’t designed to provide the levels of electricity we use today.

The more devices we use, and with more advances in technology, the more vital it is that a property’s switchboard can keep up.

At North Shore Electricians, we know the importance of a modern switchboard and recommend every Sydney home upgrades theirs if they notice any reductions or limits in power.

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Switchboard Upgrades – What You Need to Know

Many switchboards in Sydney are working at their maximum, trying to keep up with the amount of electricity we need to power all our 21st-century devices. These switchboards are only moments away from blowing up or ceasing to operate. 

Does Your Switchboard Need Upgrading?

If your property was built before 2000, then the answer is an immediate yes. The switchboards of that era cannot perform to today’s needs. There are some other tell-tale signs that it’s on its way out, including:

  • Fuses blowing with increased frequency
  • Sparks appear when you plug something in
  • Brown coloured power-points
  • Flickering lights
  • You get electric shocks from appliances
  • Short-circuiting appliances
  • Sockets make a buzzing sound
  • Tripping circuit breakers

Out-of-date switchboards can become overloaded, resulting in electrical fires or electrocution. To protect you and your family, consider a switchboard upgrade as a matter of urgency.

Ceramic Fuses

Ceramic (or porcelain) fuses were popular in Sydney switchboards in the latter half of the 20th century. They were the precursor to today’s safety switches, performing a similar function.

Unfortunately, ceramic fuses may be a dangerous component in a modern home. Their age means they’ve become more fragile and may already display cracks, causing them to malfunction. These could be in the form of false triggers or failing to switch off the supply when an emergency occurs.

If your Sydney home is over 25 years old and has never had a switchboard upgrade, it’s highly likely your property still uses ceramic fuses and needs to be updated urgently.


You may not be aware of this, but if you’re doing any major renovations, electrical work, or even just installing a single additional powerpoint, under Australia’s Energy Standards, you’re legally required to upgrade your switchboard.

Our Switchboard Upgrade Process in Sydney 

Upgrading a switchboard is a complicated process. As it deals with the mains supply from the street, only a level 2 electrician can action it.

Here’s how we approach a switchboard upgrade in Sydney:

Site Visit, Inspection and Quotation

First, we come out to your property and inspect the existing switchboard. We’ll look for any issues or areas that are of concern. 

Next, we’ll discuss your expected electricity needs now and in the future, including the number of people in your house and the entire range of devices in use.

We’ll then provide you with a complete switchboard upgrade quote indicating any other materials you may need, like additional safety switches or circuit breakers.

Perform the Upgrade

Once we have your go-ahead, we’ll start the switchboard upgrade. This will involve turning off the entire electricity from the mains supply to your property. Please factor this downtime into your schedule to allow for no power for a short time.

We’ll replace the existing fuses, safety switches, and circuits with more modern and reliable ones. We may need to replace the earthing system if it doesn’t meet current Australian standards. 

Testing, Cleaning and Certification

Once all the components are installed, we’ll thoroughly test every part to ensure everything is in premium working order.

A complete tidy-up will be performed of the area, leaving it in better condition than when we arrived.

At the end of every project, we provide you with a Certificate of Completion of Electrical Work (CCEW), which is a legal requirement.

Why Choose North Shore Electricians to Upgrade Your Switchboard

A switchboard upgrade should never be performed as a DIY project, as it’s extremely dangerous. 

Local Knowledge

We’ve been installing and upgrading switchboards across Sydney for over 20 years. In that time we’ve seen the use of devices increase rapidly. 

We’re familiar with the intricacies of Sydney’s properties, including accessibility issues and the changes in the wire colour codes across the decades.  

As Sydneysiders, we also know how to get to your property, when and where peak traffic jams occur, and how to plan accordingly.

Experience and Certification

Every level 2 team member at North Shore Electricians is fully trained in switchboard upgrades, including safety. They’re all licensed and certified to perform this risky activity on your property.

We follow the current Australian standards and continue training our team on electrical industry changes.

As we’ve been servicing Sydney for decades, our client testimonials are a tribute to our longevity and customer excellence.

Transparency in all our Dealings

At North Shore Electricians, we always place the customer first. One of the ways we do this is with complete transparency in all our communication.

Our quotes are laid out easily, with no hidden or misleading charges. We separate materials and labour, so you fully comprehend how your money is spent. 

If we suspect there are any challenges with the project, we’ll advise you in advance to ensure there are no surprises later.

As we complete the project, we’ll keep you informed of each step, keeping you included as much as possible.

Does your switchboard need upgrading? Call us at North Shore Electricians today, and one of our experts will advise you on your next steps.

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