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Fossil fuels are a finite resource; one day, they’ll run out. Electricity charges increase every year as coal becomes more problematic to source.

An alternative to high bills and an opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint is to switch to renewable energy, with solar being an excellent solution.

Initially, installing solar panels is a time-consuming and slightly expensive task. Choosing the right partner for the job takes this burden off you. North Shore Electricians are the premium provider of renewable energy installations in Sydney.

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Solar Panel Installation – What You Should Know

Before you start shopping around for your solar panel installers, there are some things you need to know in advance. Remember, the cheapest is not necessarily the best, which is exceptionally accurate with solar panels.

Sourcing the Materials

Most solar panels installed on Sydney roofs come from abroad, and they’re predominantly Asian-made. There are extreme differences in the quality, though. 

The budget ones, usually made in China, don’t have the longevity or reliability of the more premium products that come from Korea. Installing solar panels is expected to be a once-in-a-lifetime project, not one that has to be redone every few years.

The extra component, the inverter, also varies in quality. The products made in Europe are far superior to their Asian alternatives and are worth the additional cost in terms of reliability. 

When choosing a solar electrician, choose one who sources premium products at wholesale prices.

Government Rebates are Available for Sydney-siders

The Australian government is rewarding homeowners who switch to solar with generous rebates. If applied for correctly, the rebate is awarded before the installation, significantly reducing your out-of-pocket expenses. 

Sydney is considered zone 3, based on the city’s annual sunshine. The rebate is calculated in Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) at an amount of $35 each. It’s a sliding scale based on the total number of kilowatts (kW) the solar panel system generates. 

Your solar panel installer can assist you with calculating how much your rebate will be. 

North Shore Electricians is a reputable electrical services company that provides high-quality electrical solutions to residents and businesses in the North Shore area.

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Solar Panel Electrician in Sydney – Our Installation Process

Our three-part process ensures your solar panel installation is the best it can possibly be.

Inspection and Quotation

Once we get your call, we send out one of our qualified technicians to look at your property and advise you on the number of panels you need and where to place the inverter. We’ll help you calculate your government rebate and provide a transparent quote, letting you know what your out-of-pocket expenses will be beforehand.

Source Materials and Start the Project

When you’ve given us the go-ahead to begin, we’ll source the highest quality materials, and once they arrive, we’ll make an appointment with you to come out and get to work installing your solar panels.

Clean-Up and Follow-Up

When the panels are all installed, we’ll clean the entire area so it appears as if we’ve never been there, except for the shiny new solar panels. Our service doesn’t end there. We remain in touch to ensure you’re 100% happy with our work.

Why Choose North Shore Electricians as Your Solar Electricians in Sydney

There are over 6,000 accredited solar panel electricians in Australia. Why are North Shore Electricians the ones to choose? Here are some solid reasons:

Local Experience

We’ve been providing electrical services to the people of Sydney for over 20 years, including solar panel installation. In that time, we’ve seen a lot. Technology advances mean we can spot any challenges in a Sydney home immediately and make allowances for them.

We’re also very familiar with Sydney’s congested roads. We factor that in when we make an appointment with you so that we arrive on time and get started right away.

Supplier Partners

You don’t stay in business for 20 years without developing solid partnerships. Ours are all over the world. This means we have negotiated prices on materials like solar panels and inverters. The benefit to you, our customer, is that you also share the discounts. 

Assistance With Government Rebates

We can assist you in calculating your government rebate and completing and submitting the correct forms to ensure you get the maximum available before we even begin the installation. It’s vital this is done correctly before the project starts. 

Licencing and Certificates

When choosing a professional to perform electrical work, you need one with years of training and on-the-job experience. All our solar panel electricians continue to be educated on technological changes. We’re also licenced, certified, and up-to-date on all of Sydney’s current rules and regulations regarding electricity.

Excellent Customer Service

We believe in having ‘customers for life.’ While we’re more than happy to provide one-off services, we’d like to become your go-to electrician. To ensure this, our team is courteous, friendly and communicative. We want you to understand what we’re doing in your home and keep you in the loop as the project progresses.

Transparent Quotes

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting an ‘all-inclusive’ quote without any idea how the figures are calculated. We take the time to break down the amounts to clarify what you’re paying for. If, at any time throughout the project, we find that something needs addressing requiring additional funds, we’ll communicate that to you well in advance.

It’s time to do your part for the environment and switch to solar power. Contact one of our solar panel electricians today. The environment and your wallet will thank you for it. 

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