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Tristan is the owner and operator of North Shore Electricians. He has been in the industry for years and knows the ins and outs of everything electrical. He got his trade license young and has spent his time since then building North Shore Electricians

Tristan Cameron is a skilled electrician with over 20 years of experience in the electrical industry. He is the founder and owner of North Shore Electrical, a reputable company known for its high-quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. With extensive knowledge and expertise in electrical systems, Cameron has successfully completed various residential and commercial projects.

His attention to detail and problem-solving skills have earned him a reputation for excellence. Committed to staying updated with the latest advancements in technology and safety regulations, Cameron provides reliable and efficient electrical solutions to his clients.

How He Got Started

After leaving school, Tristan began working as a subbie on building sites, getting to understand how things operate. Before long, he was picked up by an electrician, and this is where, after 4 years and an apprenticeship, he obtained his electrical license.

After that, Tristan began doing small jobs on his weekends to help out friends and family, and this is where North Shore Electricians was born.

The company is family-owned and operated, and it has been working on the North Shore and all of Sydney for well over 20 years. Now, with decades of experience, Tristan spends his time training new apprentices and educating his staff and others about electricity and how to work with it safely.

A Few Words from Tristan About the Business

I have been running this company for quite some time now, and lots have changed since I started. Technology has improved, and this has helped make the industry safer and more affordable for customers. I started North Shore Electricians when I had just finished my apprenticeship, and it has steadily grown since then. The most fulfilling part about running my own business is seeing people learn and grow into capable, skilled tradesmen.

Another aspect I love is seeing clients’ dreams come to light. Having a team that you can fully rely on and know will get the job done properly is important, and something I am really proud of.

Licensing and Qualifications

Tristan completed his electrical apprenticeship, and the business currently has both a contractor and trade license. This allows North Shore Electricians to train apprentices and sign them off to become tradesmen.

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