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What is the difference between an electrician and an electrical contractor 

Both electricians and electrical contractors fix electrical issues. But electrical contracts have the license to offer it as a service, an electrician can fix the issue but works under an electrical contractor. 

Electrician: An electrician is trained to fix electrical issues. 

Training: qualified electricians need to do a trade qualification and have on the job experience. This requires being signed off from Tafe after passing a number of tests or a similar institution that training was undertaken at. Any being signed off after onsite training. 

Types: There are different levels or types of electricians, level 1 level 2 and level 3. The higher the level the more qualified and able. 

Electrical Contractor:

Definition: An electrical contractor is a business or organisation, it might employ electricians to complete jobs 

Licensing: Electrical contractors also need to be licensed, but this licensing is different from an individual electrician’s license. This license is to operate a business. The requirements vary by jurisdiction but typically involve proving competency in managing electrical projects, understanding building codes, and having insurance. This license allows you to offer electrical work to the market. 

In summary, while an electrician refers to an individual tradesperson who does the hands-on work of installing and repairing electrical systems, an electrical contractor is typically a business entity that manages and oversees larger electrical projects and employs multiple electricians.

Services that electrical contractors can offer 

As electrical contractors we offer a range of services, both residential and commercial. Our trade license and insurance allows us to offer these services. These services include but are not limited to 

Service We Offer as electrical contractors

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