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Flood lights are an excellent way to lighten darkened backyards. They provide extensive light coverage to deter thieves and to provide a safer environment for the family.

A DIYer can’t install these types of lights and must be handled by a level 2 electrician like us at North Shore Electricians.

Like most electrical devices, flood lights can fail; you’ll need a professional to diagnose and fix the issue.

Here’s our complete guide to flood lights, what they are, how to choose them and the installation cost. We’ll also cover some of the issues that may arise which require repair work.

What are Flood Lights?

A flood light is an external light that fills a dark space with a “flood” of light. They’re so powerful that the beam can be up to a width of 120 degrees. Today, most flood lights are LEDs, which are more energy efficient and produce stronger light.

The Benefits of Flood Lights

Flood lights benefit a property in several ways:

  • Illuminate a wide area that other lights can’t
  • Allow nighttime use of the yards
  • Deter criminals from entering the property
  • Energy efficient: if LEDs are installed, considerable savings can be made on electricity bills

Flood lights differ from regular lights used for outdoors as they:

  • Are weatherproof against rain, hail, dust and wind
  • Can withstand high and low temperatures
  • Energy-efficient LED flood lights produce low heat 

How to Choose Flood Lights

Numerous factors come in when selecting the best flood lights for your property, including:

  • Beam angle – getting the angle right ensures the most illumination per light
  • Lumens – determines how bright the light can shine
  • Voltage – how much electricity the light uses; the more energy efficient, the less power they use
  • IP rating – like with car headlights, this determines how resistant they are to bad weather
  • Colour – white is the standard colour of flood lights, but there are cool, warm, and daylight to choose from
  • IK rating – demonstrates how resistant the light is to something hitting it, potentially causing damage

Once the type of light has been chosen based on the above criteria, decisions need to be made on placement, including:

  • Multiple lights: to get the best illumination of the yard, calculations need to be made to determine the total number of lumens required; this will suggest how many flood lights are required
  • Spacing: if installing more than one, the spacing between each must be determined precisely to avoid dark spots.
  • Location: flood lights are commonly placed 10m above ground, but this can change based on the area that needs illuminating.
  • Beam aim: the angle of the lights needs to be precise to ensure maximum light coverage.

As you can see, a lot is involved in making the appropriate choice for a flood light installation. The most efficient way is to have the experts at North Shore Electricians take care of this for you. 

Our level 2 electricians have been installing flood lights across Sydney for over 20 years and can advise you on the most suitable setup for your property.

North Shore Electricians is a reputable electrical services company that provides high-quality electrical solutions to residents and businesses in the North Shore area.

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Flood Light Installation Cost in Sydney

A decent-quality flood light can cost $400–$500. You’ll likely need more than one, so factor that in accordingly. With over 20 years in Sydney, we’ve developed robust partnerships with top suppliers and can pass on any discounts we can secure to you.

Our labour costs are based on an hourly rate, so depending on the project size, the number of lights being installed, and the ease of getting access to the switchboard and street mains, it could be anything from 2 hours to a full day. 

Flood Light Repairs in Sydney

Flood lights are sturdier than other outdoor lights, but they still are prone to fail at times. Things to be on the lookout for are:

  • Flickering: the first sign that something isn’t right will be flickering lights. This could mean anything from a loose bulb to a faulty connection or water damage.
  • Blown circuit: if your switchboard hasn’t been upgraded in a while, any of the devices connected, including flood lights, could be the one that draws that extra bit of power that causes the circuit to blow.
  • Noise: any buzzing or hissing noises that come from the light mean there’s an issue; it could be from an old bulb or a loss of power.

If you notice any of these issues, you must call us at North Shore Electricians immediately so we can quickly solve the problem for you before it escalates.

Flood Light Installation for Commercial Properties

We don’t just install flood lights in Sydney homes. We can install floodlights for businesses, factories, and sports grounds. No project is too big or too small. 

Are you ready to brighten up your outdoor area, make it a safer place for night activities, and deter any would-be thieves? Contact North Shore Electricians, and we’ll come to your premises and provide suggestions and a detailed quote. Call today.

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