Exhaust Fan Installation Cost

This guide explains that installing exhaust fans in kitchens and bathrooms, costing $200 to $700, should be done by professionals like North Shore Electricians due to complex wiring and ductwork. Various fan types are detailed, highlighting the importance of proper ventilation.

Written by Tristan Cameron

Exhaust fans are found in bathrooms and kitchens; their purpose is to remove particles, such as smoke, fumes, and moisture. 

Because of the nature of the installation, including ductwork and wiring, these shouldn’t be handled by DIYers. Instead, a licensed electrician, like us at North Shore Electricians, should be tasked with the job.

Installing exhaust fans fluctuates wildly from $200–$700. We will explain why it’s such a broad range so you can decide which option is right for you.

Types of Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans come in various options, most commonly based around the best location in the room where they’ll be installed. Here’s a look at the different kitchen and bathroom exhaust fan types.

Kitchen Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are used in the kitchen to remove cooking fumes and odours and keep the room at an optimum temperature. 

Without one, the air quality in the room can become an issue. Stale smells, excess heat, mould, and mildew can make a kitchen uncomfortable. An exhaust fan eliminates all these, providing a cleaner and safer space for everyone.

Here’s a breakdown of the different types and what they do. The price range is a base average only; premium brand-name fans may cost more.

TypePurposePrice Range
WallAs the name suggests, they’re located on a central wall and help ventilate the air around the stove area.$300–$400
IslandIsland benches are especially popular in Sydney, and an exhaust fan installed on top removes fumes from the kitchen.$400–$900
MicrowaveMany microwaves have built-in ventilation systems, but they need somewhere for the fumes to escape, so ductwork is required.$150–$500
Range HoodRange hoods perform better when the air is appropriately ventilated around them. An exhaust fan directly above works best.$200–$400
DowndraftIt’s like a range hood, except a downdraft exhaust fan is usually hidden behind the stove area.$1,500–$3,500
OutdoorSydney homes with outdoor kitchen areas will appreciate the exhaust fan ventilating the area. These are especially popular in areas with BBQs.$300–$500

Bathroom Exhaust Fans

An exhaust fan in a bathroom removes the humidity by eliminating the moisture created by hot showers and baths. They also assist with reducing the growth of mould.

Bathrooms can become incubators for harmful bacteria if they’re not adequately ventilated. Chemicals are often used to clean these rooms, and the smell can linger if there’s no place to escape. This could cause respiratory issues for some sensitive people.

Everyday bathroom exhaust fans are:

TypePurposePrice Range
CeilingThe most popular type is installed in the ceiling as they expel the air upward and away from the room. $80–$250
WallIf ceiling space is limited, a wall exhaust fan is the next choice; a motor inside the wall operates the unit.$60–$400
WindowWindow fans are installed in apartments where wall and ceiling fans aren’t an option. $200–$500
InlineAnother option where ceiling space is limited is to install an inline fan between the lengths of ducting in the roof or wall.$100–$400
Multi-purposeBathroom exhaust fans can include lights, heaters and Bluetooth speakers.$200–$600

Installation Cost Variances

Like with all electrical work, several factors can determine the cost of the service. The more straightforward the installation, the lower the price. If drilling into walls and ceilings causes rewiring to be done or there’s extensive ductwork needed, the costs increase.

Kitchen Exhaust Fan Installation Cost

On average, expect to pay around $150 for the labour cost. However, this can go as high as $300 if the ceilings are exceptionally high or ductwork is required. For smaller kitchens where accessibility is an issue, the cost may rise too.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation Cost

Installing exhaust fans in a bathroom is more challenging than in a kitchen, mainly due to the size of the room and the additional venting work required. The average cost is around $530. If complicated ductwork is needed, it could cost up to an additional $3,000. 

Why Choose North Shore Electricians For Exhaust Fan Installation

With any kind of electrical work, unless you’re a trained professional, you could cause damage to your property or, worse, yourself. 

Drilling into walls and ceilings could accidentally puncture pipes or cables. Inside the walls are various colour-coded wires. If you’re unfamiliar with them and try to connect and reconnect them, you could end up with all kinds of issues.

The professionals at North Shore Electricians are skilled in all areas of electrical work and can handle these matters quickly and efficiently. 

North Shore Electricians has been providing electrical services to Sydney residents for over 20 years. We know the intricacies of properties in this city and can save time and money as we know what to expect. 

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