EV Charger Installation Cost

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Electric cars are the next step in saving the planet and reducing carbon monoxide emissions. Though they’re still in their infancy, some challenges exist — like finding a charging station.

The solution is to have your own EV charger in your home. That way, you can charge your vehicle at your leisure.

New technology often comes at a higher cost. Initially, it may appear that installing your EV charger is expensive, but when you factor in the long-range savings, it’s a savvy investment.

Installing an EV charger in your home can be anywhere from $700 up to a few thousand, based on many conditions that we’ll cover next.

We’ll explain how those amounts are calculated so you can be well-informed before doing your bit to help our planet.

EV Chargers

The first consideration is what EV charger you’re going to purchase. There are two types of chargers, simply referred to as levels 1 and 2.

Level 1 Charger

This type of charger usually comes with the car and is free. However, they’re not top of the range, and many drivers elect to buy an additional one.

A level 1 charger is best used by drivers who don’t take their car for long distances and are patient with the charging as it can take a long time. 

As for installation, they only require a standard and safe electrical outlet to be connected to.

The units themselves range in price from free to around $450.

Level 2 Charger

For a more powerful and faster charge, upgrade to a level 2. These units are mini charging stations that connect to their own circuit. 

Due to their nature and capabilities, they’re considerably more expensive than the level 1s, ranging from $400–$1,700. Installing one of these is more complicated and takes longer, so you pay more there, too. 

Additional Features

Chargers come with a range of features. The two that we recommend you look for when choosing are dynamic load balancing and smart charging.

  • Dynamic load balancing: protects your home from overcharging, resulting in blown fuses
  • Smart charging: can be connected to solar power and automatically charges during off-peak times.

Installation Costs

Once you’ve chosen the type of EV charger you want to install, there are things to consider before we can determine the labour costs. First, you’ll need a level 2 electrician to handle this task, as it can get complicated. 

Here are the other considerations:

Single or Three-phase Charging

The first thing to check is what electrical supply your switchboard supports. There are two, and they make a massive difference to the speed at which your EV charges.

  • Single-phase: runs off standard 240 volts and charges at a rate of up to 7kW, which most European EV manufacturers recommend as a minimum.
  • Three-phase: can charge at rates up to 22kW. However, most EV cars are capped at 11kW, and the car automatically sets its charging rate anyway. 

Most Sydney homes only have single-phase power. So, if you’d prefer a three-phase charger, you’ll need to upgrade your switchboard.

Location of the Device

Where you position the device and how easy it is for us to access it will factor into the time we need for the installation. Naturally, the closer to the switchboard the EV charger is located, the easier the installation will be. 

Here are some ballpark figures for standard installations based on the property. These figures don’t include the unit prices covered above.

Location or property typeNotesAverage labour cost 
Standard wallIf the EV charger is positioned on the other side of the wall as the switchboardSingle-phase – $600Three-phase – $800
Single storey houseEasily accessible roof space and no more than 15m from the switchboardSingle-phase – $990Three-phase – $1300
Double storey houseIf the cable needs to run ‘up and over’ (from one side of the house to the other)Single-phase – $1100Three-phase – $1400

Other Installation Cost Factors

The cost may also increase based on the following:

  • Any additional materials we need to supply
  • If trenching is required
  • If we need to install extra cabling for monitoring or communications
  • If the EV charger requires a type-B RCD installed
  • If accessibility at the property is complex or requires drilling, relocating, or rewiring

The cost is typically calculated by the hour, but the difficulty level may need to be factored in, so always ask us for a complete quote before starting. 

Why Choose North Shore Electricians as Your EV Charger Installers

We’ve been handling electrical upgrades in Sydney for over 20 years and are highly familiar with the city’s different property types.

It doesn’t take us long to look at a property to be able to give you an accurate and realistic quote for the EV charger installation service.

We’re familiar with the intricacies of the wiring in Sydney properties, including the old and new colour wiring codes

Our electricians are expertly trained, highly professional, and excel at customer service.

At first, you may feel that installing your EV charger is really expensive. Consider the savings you’re making on not purchasing gasoline, and of course, how much that reduces your carbon footprint, and you’ll realise it’s absolutely worth it.

Are you ready to install your new EV’s charger? Contact us today to get your free quote.

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