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Sydney homes are installing sensor lights to take advantage of the convenience of not having to remember to switch lights off and for safety reasons.

Here’s our guide on what sensor lights are, their benefits and the different types available. We’ll also cover our installation process and what you can expect to pay.

What are Sensor Lights

Sensor lights work by switching on as soon as they detect any movement. They sit in standby mode until required. They’re usually on a timer and switch off after a specific period. 

Best installed strategically around the premises, they can lighten up yards, entrances, hallways, or other darkened areas.

The Benefits of Sensor Lights

Sensor lights have a range of benefits; they’re safe and convenient and deter criminals. 


Stumbling around in your yard in the dark isn’t advisable; things that can clearly be seen by day can be easily missed at night. Sensor lights switch on when you enter the yard, giving you a clear line of sight to your door.


Sensor lights indoors are convenient; no more feeling around for an oddly placed light switch. As soon as you enter the room, the lights are activated.

Energy Saving

Every Australian wants to save money on their electricity bill. Sensors use much less energy than regular bulbs. For example, a standard light bulb ranges from 30–150 Watts yet a sensor bulb uses around 8 Watts.

The other way they save money is that as they only operate while someone is in the room, they assist people who may forget to manually switch off a light as they leave.

Criminal or Pest Deterrent

A dark house is an invitation for thieves to break in; it’s also a place a stray animal may choose for the night. Motion sensor lights turn on as soon as a would-be-burglar or outdoor pest enters the area. The startling light alone is enough to ward them off. 

Link to Home Security Systems

Sensors linked to the alarm system double the effectiveness. If CCTVs are in use, the sensor lights illuminate the person, making their image much more evident to the camera.

Types of Sensor Lights

There are three main types of sensor lights:

Battery Operated Sensor Lights

The most commonly installed sensor lights in Sydney are battery-operated ones. The battery typically lasts up to 1.5 years and is the most straightforward to install.

Solar Powered Sensor Lights

Many Sydney-siders are switching to solar power. The government rebates on offer make moving across very attractive. Solar-powered lights charge during daylight hours, leaving plenty of electricity available to use at night as needed.

Solar-powered sensor lights can last up to 5 years and are more energy-efficient than battery-operated lights as they use significantly less power.

Hardwired Motion Sensor Lights

If linking the sensor lights to a home security system, hardwiring them is the best option. This involves connecting the sensor lights to the wiring in the house to the switchboard. A significant advantage of installing hardwired sensors is that there are no batteries to be replaced, extending their life span.

It’s a complicated process that a DIYer should never attempt. Always use a professional electrician like us at North Shore Electricians.

Installing Sensor Lights

There are several things to consider when installing sensor lights, and each of them impacts the time required to perform the installation:

Choosing the Most Suitable Light

If you’re placing sensor lights outdoors, it’s best to use flood lights as they’re considerably brighter than regular ones. For inside the home, decorative motion sensor units are the better choice.

Planning the Location

Determining where to place the sensor lights is a fine art. Strategically placing them eliminates the chance of blind spots or installing too many unnecessarily. To work out the best placement, relying on professional electricians is best.

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North Shore Electricians Sensor Light Installation Process in Sydney

We’ve been installing sensor lights across Sydney for over 20 years. We can get in and complete the process in the quickest possible time while still providing excellent quality.

Here’s how we install sensor lights in Sydney:

Site Inspection

First, we come out to the site and do a detailed inspection. We’ll then advise you on the best placement and which type of sensor lights most suit your property. At this point, we’ll give you a quote for the entire project.

Installing the Lights

Once you’ve given us the go-ahead, we’ll get to work installing the lights. The length of this task will be determined by the number of units being installed and how easy it is to access the places where the lights need to be fixed to the walls. 

If you’ve chosen the hardwired option, we’ll need full access to the switchboard. Some rewiring may be required, which may involve climbing through attics or basements and drilling into walls and ceilings. 

Set and Test

Next, based on your requirements and our suggestions, we’ll set the sensors to activate. The level of motion can be fine-tuned with more advanced products. 

After that, we’ll perform extensive testing to ensure everything performs as you expect it to.

Certify and Tidy

Once the project is completed, we’ll issue you a certificate of compliance for electrical work (CCEW). We must provide this official document to The Department of Fair Trading and your energy provider.

We’ll tidy up the area so all you’re left with is fully functioning sensor lighting.

The Cost of Installing Sensor Lights in Sydney

The sensor light units themselves range in price from $40–$250. We have negotiated prices with suppliers across Sydney and can get the best possible prices for you.

The labour costs for the project are charged at an hourly rate. A straightforward installation of several battery-operated sensor lights can take as little as two hours. A more complicated hardwired system could take an entire day.

Are you ready for the convenience, security and safety that sensor lights can provide to your home? Call North Shore Electricians today, and we’ll begin with the site inspection. 

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