Phone Line Repair and Installation

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While mobile phones are the primary way for people to contact others, 25% of Australian homes still have landlines. Broadband is in 35% of Australian homes, and many people are switching to NBN.

Phone lines provide a vital service for both telephone and internet use, yet these cables can fail, and you need a skilled electrician to solve the problem for you.

North Shore Electricians have been repairing and installing phone lines in Sydney homes and businesses for over 20 years. 

Here’s a look at North Shore Electricians’ phone line services in Sydney.

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Phone Line Installation or Relocation

New residential builds and small businesses require the installation of telephone and ADSL or NBN phone lines. 

It’s common for phone lines to be relocated in Sydney’s homes and businesses. If a room of the house is converted to a study, adding or moving a phone or data line to that area makes sense. 

Sydney businesses expand all the time, and additional phone or data lines are required all the time. The same applies to organisations that move to expanded spaces or new buildings. 

Our team of electricians can handle telephone lines or data installations and relocations. We’re familiar with the infrastructure in every suburb of Sydney and can get you up and running relatively quickly.

Phone Line Issues in Sydney

Some properties have the same phone line in use that was installed over thirty years ago. With degradation, these lines could fail at any time. Crackling sounds on the line or no dial tone are indications that something is awry. 

The issue may be with your phone line, the cable in the street, or even at the phone exchange. Our technicians can quickly identify the fault and provide the appropriate solution.

24/7 Phone Line Assistance

Phone lines going out can interrupt any home or small business, and the issue needs to be rectified ASAP. Our team at North Shore Electricians is on standby 24 hours a day to attend to these kinds of emergencies.

We’ve seen it all and can usually get to the heart of the issue in record time, allowing you to get back to business quickly.

We’re also familiar with Sydney’s chaotic road infrastructure and can get to your premises as quickly as possible, further reducing your downtime.

ADSL 2+ Issues in Sydney

The NO SYNC light on your router is a common issue in Sydney, especially in residential apartments, and it can often be easily fixed with MDF jumpering. Your internet provider may be able to solve the problem for you, but an experienced technician can possibly do it faster and cheaper.

North Shore Electricians is exceptionally familiar with apartment block main distribution frames (MDF) and can find the fault quickly.

Switching from ADSL or cable to NBN

NBN is rolling out across Sydney, and switching over isn’t as straightforward as unplugging the old and plugging in the new.

It’s highly likely that you’ll need additional cabling or upgrading your data sockets to allow for maximum performance. In most cases, you’ll be advised to employ a private electrician to assist with the changeover.

Our level 2 technicians are up-to-date with the NBN requirements and can quickly and effortlessly help you switch.

Phone Line Services Provided by North Shore Electricians

There are several different phone line services that a home or business may need, and North Shore Electricians is the leading provider of the following in Sydney:

  • Installation of additional phone points
  • Home extension for ADSL connection
  • Phone line repairs in Sydney, including noisy phone lines
  • Office network installation
  • New modem outlets and sockets, antenna and data points, a 
  • Repair or replacement of faulty telephone cabling
  • ADSL Connection issues and faults
  • MDF Jumpering
  • Underground and aerial cabling
  • Patchable cabling solutions
  • Central filter installation

Why Choose North Shore Electricians for Phone Line Repair and Installation

Playing around with phone lines and data cables can be dangerous and is best left to professionals like North Shore Electricians.

With over 20 years of experience in phone and data cabling, we’ve watched Sydney evolve into the tech-proficient city it is today. Our licensed and experienced electricians are up-to-date with all the Australian standards. 

At the completion of every electrical job, we provide you, your energy provider and the Department of Fair Trading with a certificate of compliance for electrical work (CCEW), which is a legal requirement. 

If you’ve got no dial tone, static on the line or a NO SYNC signal on your router, call us at North Shore Electronics right now, and we’ll solve your problem quickly and efficiently. 

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