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Without hot water, showering can be uncomfortable, and who ever heard of washing dishes in cold water?

Hot water is necessary in every Sydney home, and North Shore Electricians has been installing hot water systems for over 20 years.

The range and type of hot water systems have increased with technological advances, and what may have been suitable for your home years ago may no longer be suitable.

With age comes wear and tear; old hot water systems have been known to split and become useless. If you’ve woken up to cold water only coming through your pipe this morning, you need to call North Shore Electricians now.

Traditional hot water systems have a 10-year life span, so your property is likely ready to have a new one. The Australian government is currently providing rebates for eligible customers who switch to more energy-efficient hot water systems.

Here’s a breakdown of our hot water installation services in Sydney.

The Four Hot Water Systems 

There are four hot water systems available in Sydney, and while not all are an option at every property, it’s likely that at least two are. Here’s a look at the different options:

Electric Hot Water Tank

The traditional way that Sydney homes heat their water is with an electric hot water tank. It’s usually a 25 or 50-litre tank located in a basement or another out-of-the-way area. Elements inside the tank heat the water, and thermostats keep it above 60°. 

The heated water rises to the top of the tank and is distributed once a hot tap is used somewhere in the property.

The only downside to this system is that only cold remains once the water is used. We all remember being the last in the family to have a shower, only to be left with cold water.

Electric hot water tanks use a considerable amount of electricity as they constantly heat the water.

Heat Pump Hot Water System

A heat pump hot water system works like a refrigerator in reverse. The pump moves a refrigerant through the system, but instead of cooling the water, it uses the air to heat it.

One of the primary benefits of the heat pump system is that it only requires enough electricity to operate the pump; it doesn’t use any fossil fuel to provide heat. It’s estimated that a heat pump only requires 30% of the electricity of a hot water tank. This saves a considerable amount on your electricity bill.

Heat pump hot water systems aren’t for everyone; they’re not ideal in cold climates. Sydney is pretty much okay, except maybe for some western suburbs in the heart of winter.

They’re also a lot more expensive to install than a traditional hot water tank initially, but long-term energy savings more than make up for it.

Solar Hot Water

Green energy is all the rage in Sydney now, and solar panel installation is on the rise. 

The process of heating the water is straightforward. Cold water is stored in a tank, and heat gathered from the solar panels is used. 

There are two types of systems: a roof or a split. The roof system actually has the water tank attached to the solar panels. The tank is kept at ground level with a split system, and pipes transfer the energy from the panels. 

Some Sydney roofs don’t have the space or the load bearing to hold the tank, which is why the split system may be the only option.

Solar power has limitations; on cloudy days and at night, no power is generated when no rays are available. It’s also necessary to have an electric hot water system as a backup.

Gas Hot Water

If your property is fortunate enough to have gas connected, gas hot water is an eco-friendly and cost-saving option.

A gas burner is located beneath a water storage tank. It heats the cold water to 60°. As the hot water rises to the top of the tank, it’s immediately available when a tap is turned on.

Gas is cleaner than other fossil fuels, producing much fewer greenhouse emissions. It also heats water faster than electricity, resulting in less waiting time. The long-term running costs are also lower.

Anybody can switch to gas; however, it can be considerably expensive to install if it’s not already at the premises. Gas hot water tanks are best kept outdoors or with a flue, so they may not be an option at some properties with limited space.

Government Rebates on Hot Water Upgrades

Switching from a traditional hot water tank system to a heat pump, solar, or gas system may make you eligible for a government rebate. 

The current energy savings scheme means the government will provide financial assistance for homes upgrading to energy-saving hot water systems. Eligible households could receive up to $1,200 to switch from an electric hot water system to a heat pump or solar.  

To find out if you’re eligible for a rebate, contact us at North Shore Electricians right now, and we’ll review the options with you. 

Switch Your Hot Water System

Now is the perfect time to switch from a traditional hot water system to a more energy-efficient one. If your tank is more than ten years old, it’s only a matter of time before it ceases to be functional.

North Shore Electrician can install any of the four types of hot water systems and can advise on which one is the best for your property and if you’re eligible for a government rebate.

Call us today, and save money on hot water for you and your family.

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