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Protecting your Sydney home from intruders may require more than a sturdy fence and a ferocious-looking dog. After dipping to record lows in 2019, theft in Sydney is on the rise again.

Keep your property and family safe by increasing its protection. CCTV is an excellent option.

Here’s our complete guide on what CCTV is and its benefits. We’ll also cover what to consider when choosing cameras and what occurs during our installation process.

What is CCTV

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is also known as video surveillance. Strategically-located cameras can keep a 24-hour watch on your property, providing a constant video feed. CCTV cameras have advanced with technology and can now record footage in high-definition.

The Benefits of CCTV

The primary reason for installing CCTV is to prevent criminal activity. Many would-be thieves won’t bother with the property if cameras are present. It’s much easier for them to move on to a less-protected home. For this reason alone, it’s worth installing them.

For those who are more brazen, the cameras serve as an identifying tool. Police can use the video footage to help catch the criminals involved. Facial recognition software can be used in conjunction with the video to further solve the crime.

Insurance companies value CCTV as a way for the homeowner to prove that there has been an incident, resulting in speedier claims and more cases closed.

CCTV isn’t just to help reduce break-ins. Issues with neighbours, such as loud parties or verbal harassment, can be recorded and given to the authorities.

How to Choose CCTV Cameras

Several factors come into play when choosing which type of cameras to install. Based on the conditions of your property, you need to consider the following:

  • Continuous video recording: if there is a heightened amount of activity around the property, 24-hour surveillance may need to be considered.
  • Motion-triggered cameras: these operate only when there’s movement nearby, a common choice for those who don’t require a 24-hour feed.
  • Weatherproof cameras: If the devices are installed outside the house, they may need to be waterproof, hailproof, and windproof. To get the most effectiveness in the dark, night vision is an option. 
  • Controllable cameras: there may be instances when the camera is required to change direction or zoom in to get a better video of a suspected thief. 

CCTV Placement

The strategic placement of the CCTV devices is paramount to success. Experts like us at North Shore Electricians can ensure that every camera is in such a position that no blind spots are present. It’s in these blind spots that criminals have an advantage.

Full Security System Integration

For the ultimate in home protection, a CCTV system works best when it’s connected to the alarm and a mobile phone app. This way, you can manage all of your home security from one location.

Video can be viewed on a computer or smartphone at any time, including live streaming. If a camera picks up an intruder or suspicious activity, it can activate the alarm, potentially scaring off the criminal.

North Shore Electricians CCTV Installers in Sydney

Here’s how North Shore Electricians approach CCTV installation in Sydney.

Visit the Location

The best way to know where to install the cameras is to visit the property physically. We’ll see where the notorious blind spots will likely be and be sure to have them covered. 

We also take the time to consider how much wiring is required. Additional cabling will be needed if the cameras are located far from the switchboard. At this point, we’ll also provide a quote on the project’s cost.

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Start the Install Process

Once we get the go-ahead from you, it’s time to start. A fair amount of drilling is required initially, as all the cameras need to be physically attached. This might be a great time to take the family out for ice cream to avoid being frustrated by the noise.

As mentioned, some considerable rewiring may need to be done; this may require us to crawl around in attics or basements. This is usually the most challenging and time-consuming part of the entire project.

Mount the Cameras

For most clients, this is the most exciting stage. To physically see the cameras put into place, with all the functions like moving and zooming completed, allows them to see something tangible happening. 

Set Up the Software

Once the cameras are all in place and functioning as expected, we need to install the software on your computers and phones. If you opt for an on-site recording system, you’ll need physical recording equipment like a DVR.

We’ll run you through how it all works so you can feel confident to operate the system either from home or outside.

Finalising the Installation

Once everything is working correctly and you’re confident in its operation, we’ll do a complete tidy-up. 

The final step is to issue a certificate of completion for electrical work (CCEW), which is a legal document that must be provided to your energy provider and the Department of Fair Trading.

Commercial Installations

North Shore Electricians doesn’t just install CCTV systems in homes. We’ve been assisting businesses right across Sydney for over 20 years in being protected from crime. Whether you’re a mum-and-pop store to an international organisation, no job is too big or too small.

Now is the time to get your property fully protected. Call us now at North Shore Electronics and we’ll help install the best CCTV system for your home. 

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