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Looking for trusted electricians in Lane Cove? Our experienced team offers reliable electrical solutions for homes and businesses.

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Lane Cove Electrical Services You Can Count On

When you need electrical service, it’s rarely ever the stress-free variety. Our Lane Cove team at North Shore Electricians make sure that your electrical issues are taken care of in a timely and efficient manner.

Why Our Lane Cove Technicians Are The Best

Our Lane Cove electricians are held to the highest standards to ensure that you get professional service:

  • Our Lane Cove electricians do all of the job. You won’t be stuck with cleanup after your services, just flawless results and no other traces that we were even there.
  • We always provide courtesy, professional services, honest assessments, and upfront pricing.
  • Scheduled rollouts and upgrades are provided with punctuality and at the pace we’ve agreed upon in advance — time is money, and we won’t make your business wait.
30 years of experience
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Electrical Services for Lane Cove

Lane Cove is a busy suburb with residents and commercial and industrial enterprises. At North Shore Electricians, we know the area’s unique needs and have been providing the following services for over 20 years:

Lane Cove Emergency Electrical Services

Emergencies happen around the clock. Our technicians are available 24/7, and we’re local. That means we know all the shortcuts, road closures and known traffic congestion spots. We’ll make sure that your electrical emergency is attended to immediately.    

Residential Wiring

Whether it’s a new installation or a minor fix, it’s best to let a local Lane Cove electrician handle it. Our team also has an eye for local factors such as weather, temperatures, and failing infrastructure to ensure that your home or building is entirely up to Australian code.

Switchboard Repair and Upgrade

Switchboards regulate the flow of electricity in residential, industrial, and commercial environments. These days, we’re putting more pressure on them than ever to power every electrical device.  

Some switchboards haven’t been upgraded in over 30 years, so they may struggle. Our electricians can ensure that yours is in perfect order and advise you on money-saving upgrades.

Surge Protector Installations

Power surges are serious business, and electronic store solutions won’t cut it. Our Lane Cove electricians can provide residential and commercial-grade surge protection solutions to protect your expensive electronics and appliances.

Network, Ethernet, and Phone Cabling

The need for efficient internet and phone cabling is paramount. Many people in Lane Cove now work from home and need the fastest bandwidth possible to conduct business meetings. Gaming consoles put more strain on internet cabling than other devices, which also needs to be addressed.

Our professionals can provide communication cabling solutions for telecommunications, internet, and commercial intranet needs for commercial and residential requirements.

Solar Power

Green is the new black, and Lane Cove residents are ahead of the crowd. The move to renewable energy is taking place in this suburb right now, and solar power is the preferred option.

Our team at North Shore Electricians are experts at solar panel and battery installation and upgrades and can recommend the perfect solution for your property.Electrical Compliance Inspections and Certificate Issuing

Properties must be fully electrically compliant for insurance purposes. Our team of experts can ensure your building or home is up to code and can provide a certificate stating this.

Electrical Preventative Maintenance Plans

With regular preventative maintenance, downtime is minimised by assuring that normal wear and tear from production environments are periodically assessed and remediated. 

We’ll put in place a maintenance plan that will ensure everything works as it should, with regular inspections to confirm this.

Why choose Us

Services Offered By Our Expert Teams

Consulting with one of our licensed Lane Cove Electricians can educate you about quality, money-saving alternatives and the latest trends in the market. Our vans are always fully stocked. This saves our clients time and money and results in a seamless transaction.

Examples of equipment that we can provide include the following:

  • ·         Outlets
  • ·         Switchboards
  • ·         Lighting
  • ·         Water Heaters
  • ·         Solar panelling
  • ·         Communications cabling
  • ·         Environmental control solutions

We can provide all of these products and more, installed professionally and in accordance with AS/NZS 3000 Standard. Our work is guaranteed and done to your satisfaction every time. 

What Sets Us Apart From Other Lane Cove Electrical Service Providers?

With North Shore Electricians, you get licensed and fully insured professional service from actual Lane Cove area electricians who care. Here is just a sampling of what we bring to the table:

  • ·          Quality, guaranteed, and warrantied workmanship
  • ·          Courtesy and care — you’re not a number, you’re a valued customer
  • ·          24/7 availability that you can count on
  • ·          Quality consultations without fear of hidden costs


The Best Lane Cove Electricians With The Reviews To Back It Up

Electrical systems are the lifeblood of every home and business. We recognise that when you need service, you need it yesterday. Our Lane Cove electricians also have the experience, the latest training, and modern electrical equipment to do your job right away.

Check out our testimonials; our repeat client base has been with us for over a decade.

We’re Ready Now

Lane Cove residents and business owners. If you have a need for electrical services or are simply considering upgrades and want a comprehensive consultation to determine savings and to get honest, upfront pricing that you can rely on, then give us a call

Our representatives are ready to take your call, we always go that extra mile to offer you the best electrical services in Lane Cove.

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