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Did you know that appliance malfunctions significantly contribute to house fires in Australia? Short circuits, faulty wiring, and electric shocks are regular occurrences and can cause fires to start.

Preventing these instances can be done via a straightforward task known as ‘test and tag.’ For Sydney homeowners, this is an optional project; for businesses, though, it’s a legal requirement under the AS/NZS 3760 standard.

Here’s our guide to test and tag in Sydney, what it entails and how we can help.

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What is Test and Tag?

Testing and tagging is precisely what it sounds like. A qualified electrician inspects electrical appliances and attaches a safety tag to them, showing the date of the test and the date of the next one.

Benefits of Test and Tag

Testing and tagging serve several purposes, from safety to lowering insurance premiums. Here’s a breakdown:  

Safety in the Home and Workplace

The primary reason to test and tag is to ensure all appliances are safe and in perfect working order. As mentioned earlier, it’s a legal necessity for businesses to test and tag to meet workplace safety requirements.

In the home, while there are no mandatory requirements, your and your family’s safety is paramount, so we recommend you also have this task performed regularly.

Lower Downtime and Prevention

Faulty appliances can stop working or fail to perform efficiently even if they don’t spark an electrical fire. This can be frustrating in homes and offices when the item is required to do necessary tasks. 

Appliances that have been tested and tagged are much less likely to fail than ones that haven’t.

Insurance Premium Discounts

Some insurance companies consider tested and tagged appliances beneficial for the home or workplace and may offer a reduction in the premium if you do this regularly. 

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How Often Should I Get My Appliances Tested and Tagged?

The requirements change based on businesses or homes:

Sydney Workplaces

The AS/NZ standard stipulates that test and tag be performed at the following times:

  • High-risk environments (construction, demolition, mining): based on the excessive use of appliances, these need testing and tagging every 3 months.
  • Factories, warehouses, and production sites: appliances are used frequently and require testing and tagging every 6 months.
  • Office-based businesses and clinics: every portable electronic appliance must be tested every 12 months.

Sydney Homes

For homeowners, there are no mandatory requirements. We recommend that you have every portable electronic appliance tested and tagged every 12 months.

North Shore Electricians Test and Tag Process

We’ve been performing test and tag across Sydney for two decades. Our process is straightforward:

Free Consultation

We start with a phone or email enquiry. If you let us know how many and the types of appliances require testing and tagging, we can give you a detailed quote. 

We can test and tag from as little as $3 per appliance plus time and travel or provide a flat fee that covers up to a fixed number of tags. 

On-site Testing

The first stage of the project is to test every appliance on the list. A visual inspection is first made to look for defects, then an electric test is done. We’re on the lookout for:

  • Current leaks or spikes
  • Earthing faults
  • Faults in the wiring
  • Frayed wires and cords
  • Insulation issues
  • Moisture/Chemical damage
  • Safety switches that aren’t tripping

Tagging and Reporting

Every fully functioning appliance gets a safety tag, recorded with the date of the test and the recommended date for a follow-up test. 

We’ll provide you with a detailed report of every appliance we’ve tested, including recommendations for what to do with any faulty or ones that don’t meet our stringent requirements.

Why Choose North Shore Electricians for Test and Tag in Sydney

Our qualified electricians are masters at test and tag in Sydney. With over 20 years of experience, we know what to look for and can complete the entire project accurately in record time.

We understand that having electricians in your workspace during production hours can be disruptive for your employees, so we can perform this task after hours. 

Nobody needs to be present during the test and tag as we compile a detailed report. However, you or a senior manager are welcome to join us as we perform the tasks.

For workplace safety requirements or peace of mind for your family, it’s time to get your appliances tested and tagged. Contact North Shore Electricians now so we can get to work for you.

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