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Many Sydneysiders live in houses with front and back yards. These spaces benefit from lighting as much as the home’s interior.

There are numerous types of outdoor lights, but there’s no one-fits-all solution. Installing anything in the home that requires electricity can be dangerous if not handled by a professional. That’s why you need North Shore Electricians to handle these projects for you.

Here’s our guide to the types of outdoor lights, considerations for Sydneysiders, and how our qualified electricians install them.

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Types of Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lights for Sydney homes aren’t just for illumination. Sure, that’s their primary use, but there are other reasons to have them.

Security Lighting

Light in the front and back yards provides additional security. It can light up an entire area as a deterrent or warn householders of uninvited guests. It’s even helpful in case a stray animal accidentally wanders in. The light is likely to frighten it away, too.

The most common types of lights used for security are floodlights, which illuminate the whole yard, and motion sensor lights, which save power by only switching on when they detect movement.

Path & Driveway Lighting

Path and driveway lighting helps invited guests see where they’re going. This is especially useful in gardens with lots of foliage or a winding walkway. These lights are also valuable resources for efficiently parking the car at night. 

P bollards are an excellent choice for path lights as they’re short yet sturdy and add a touch of style to the garden. Step lights are necessary for stairs, providing visitors with extra illumination to guide them safely to the door.

Patio & Deck Lighting

Sydneysiders love entertaining outdoors, and many homes have stunning patio and deck areas. There’s no need to restrict the use of these areas to daytime hours. You can spend time with family and friends well into the evening with the proper lighting.

Fairy lights are perfect for patios and adjoining areas. You can drape them over trees, fences, and pergolas, string them across patios, or wrap them around posts.  Strategically placed hanging lanterns make for gorgeous deck lighting, adding a whimsical touch to the fairy lights.

Garden & Landscape Lighting 

For those Sydneysiders who take pride in their gardens, adding lighting provides an added touch of beauty. 

Spotlights and uplights work best here. Spotlights provide a beam of light to a particular area, while uplights are placed on the ground and illuminate trees or landscape features. The purpose of these is to help highlight things you want people to notice.

Decorative Lighting

Everybody wants to increase their curbside appeal, and decorative lighting assists here. These are especially useful if you plan on selling your property, as you’d be surprised at how many potential buyers will do a nighttime drive-by to take a peek. A well-lit yard will impress them. 

Festoon lights are like giant fairy lights, placed correctly to show off the yard’s best features. In today’s move to greener energy, solar lights make for excellent decorative lights while saving power. These will attract buyers, too. 

North Shore Electricians Installation Process

Now that you’ve decided to install outdoor lights, here’s how North Shore Electricians can help.

Site Visit and Recommendations

We’ve been installing outdoor lights across Sydney for decades, and we only need to see your yard for a few minutes to offer you the best lighting solution. We’ll then provide you with a detailed, transparent quote on parts and labour without any hidden costs.

Our Experts Get to Work

Once we have your approval, our team of professionals will start the installation. We’ll work around your schedule, ensuring the minimum disruption to your and your family’s routine.

We’ll keep you posted on our progress, explaining everything we do in detail.

Testing and Tidying

When the installation is complete, we’ll thoroughly test every component to ensure it performs at its maximum and explain how to operate it optimally.

Once that’s done, we’ll completely clean the area, making it appear as if we were never there, except, of course, for your shiny new light installation.

Service and Follow-up

Our service doesn’t begin and end at the installation. We’ll arrange a regular inspection schedule with you to come back and test everything to ensure the lights always function optimally.

Your Home Needs Outdoor Lighting

Are you ready to give your yards the security, safety, and beauty that only outdoor lights can provide? Contact us at North Shore Electricians today. We’re excited to help you brighten your outside world.

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