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Your meter box is the device situated outside your house that your energy provider uses to read your electricity consumption.

In some properties, it’s part of the switchboard; in others, it’s next to it, or on occasion, it’s in a stand-alone location elsewhere outside the house.

Regardless of where it is, there are instances when you may need to have it relocated. This is not something a DIYer can do. The relocation of a meter box in Sydney must be performed by a licensed and qualified level 2 electrician, like us at North Shore Electricians.

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Why Relocate a Meter Box in Sydney

Sydney residents consider relocating their meter boxes for four primary reasons. The most common is a major renovation, followed by switchboard wear and tear, accessibility and aesthetics. 

Extensive Renovations

Upsizing, remodelling, and upgrading our homes is commonplace in Sydney, and with these come additional responsibilities. One of the critical ones is where to locate the meter box. If the wall where it was initially located is being removed or used for another purpose, a new location will need to be found.

Aging Switchboard and Meter Boxes

Many Sydney homes are over 20 years old, and during that time, their switchboards and meter boxes, due to being located outdoors, have been battered by weather. If your switchboard hasn’t been upgraded in that time, it’s highly likely that it’s on its last legs, and you need to act as soon as possible.

When upgrading your switchboard, you may also decide that it and the meter box would benefit from being in a new location.

Ease of Meter Reading

Just like inclement weather causes wear and tear, some Sydney gardens have thrived to the point where the foliage covers part of the house, possibly where the meter box is. If that’s happened, meter readings may not be straightforward, so it may be a requirement that, for convenience, you move the box.

For a Better Look

Some people feel that a meter box is an unsightly addition to their property and would prefer it out of sight. Moving it from the front to the rear or side of the house may resolve this concern.

If you’re considering selling the house, anything you can do to improve its aesthetics is worth doing. Relocating the meter box, for example, could increase the property’s value.

Relocating a Meter Box in Sydney – Our Process

Yanking a meter box off a wall and placing it onto another wall isn’t all that’s involved. It’s a lot more complicated, and as live electrical wires are involved, it can be dangerous. 

The team at North Shore Electricians has been assisting Sydney homeowners in relocating meter boxes for decades. In that time we’ve seen all kinds of fascinating instals that benefit from our qualified service.

Here’s how we go about relocating your Sydney meter box.

Onsite Inspection and Quote

The first step is to come to your location and discuss with you the best location for the new meter box. We consider accessibility, aesthetics, and practicality. 

Once we’ve determined the project’s scope, we’ll provide you with a detailed, transparent quote broken down by parts and labour to make it easy for you to understand.

Remove and Relocate

When you’ve given us the go-ahead, we will begin the process. The first thing we do is switch off the power to your property so there are no live wires. For your convenience, you may wish to take the family out of the house during this time, as they’ll be without power for a short period.

We’ll remove the old meter box and seal off any exposed wires. Next, we’ll place the new meter box in the predetermined space and connect it back to the street mains.

Test, Train, and Tidy

When everything is in place, we’ll test the meter box to ensure it accurately records and displays electricity consumption. If you’re unsure how to read the meter yourself, we’re more than happy to give you a crash course.

An Australian government requirement is that wherever electrical work is performed on your property, a Certification of Compliance for Electrical Work (CCEW) is provided to your energy provider and the Department of Fair Trading. We’ll action this document on your behalf.

Now that everything is complete and functioning correctly, we’ll clean the entire area of any debris and wiring. Except for a new meter box, it’ll appear like we were never there.

The good news is that the process is often straightforward and should be completed in a few hours.

Ongoing Support

Our service never ends with the installation. We can schedule electrical check-ups with you to ensure everything in the property, including the meter box, performs at its peak. Of course, if there appears to be an issue with the new meter box, we’re on-call 24/7.

Does Your Meter Box Need Relocating?

After reading this, if you decide to relocate your meter box, contact our team today. We’ll have someone visit your property at a time that’s convenient for you and start the ball rolling.

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