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Tristan Cameron

Tristan is the owner and operator of North Shore Electricians. He has been in the industry for years and knows the ins and outs of everything electrical.

An electrical inspection also called an electrical safety check, is something many homes and businesses put off or forget, but they’re vital if you want to protect your premises.

According to NSW Fire and Rescue, 40% of house fires come from electrical faults. That’s a sobering statistic that every home and business owner should be aware of.

At North Shore Electricians, we believe you should schedule an electrical inspection at least once a year.

What’s the main reason these aren’t done? Perceived cost. They’re not expensive, and the small investment for the safety of the occupiers of the building is a cost worth bearing.

What is an Electrical Safety Check?

The check covers all areas of the property that uses electricity. An electrician who’s certified and qualified as an inspector will check all the circuits, connected devices and wiring methods in the building.

Everything begins at the switchboard or electrical panel. Fuses and switches will be checked to ensure they match the corresponding light or outlet and are in working order.

The inspector will check all wiring, fixtures, grounding of appliances and extension cords. The aim is to ensure everything is up to code and functioning as it should. 

When Should You Schedule an Electrical Inspection?

Are you unsure when you should do an electrical safety check? Here are the times when it’s absolutely necessary.

  • Selling the property
  • Buying a property
  • Renting or leasing out the property
  • If you intend to rent the property
  • If there has been no inspection for several years
  • If the wiring in the property is old
  • If you are concerned that the electrical systems don’t feel safe

Electrical hazards could be lurking around any corner. Another reason to consider an electrical inspection is if some equipment starts behaving erratically. Intermittent power outages from any appliance could indicate something isn’t right. If any devices are more than five years old, they need to be checked. 

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Are You at Risk of an Electrical Fire?

Some people believe their property is fine, and there is no reason for concern. Here’s a five-point checklist; if you answer yes to any of these, you need to book a safety inspection today.

1. A burnt smell in the room – is there a lingering burnt smell in any of your rooms? Chances are it’s coming from inside the wall; outdated wiring or a loose connection could be to blame.

2. Tripping circuit breaker – if the circuit breaker keeps tripping, it suggests there’s a power overload somewhere. One or more appliances may be faulty or shorting and overloading the circuit.

3. Faulty or decaying wiring – many homes and apartments in Sydney are over 50 years old, and so is the wiring. After this period, it can decay or stop working effectively; if it hasn’t been checked in that time, it needs to be.

4. No safety switches – does your property have safety switches? This is now an AS3000 standard requirement that all electric switchboards must contain them.

5. No earthing – older properties may not have earthing, or it may be faulty; without it, an electrical fire isn’t an if; it’s a when.

North Shore Electricals Electrical Inspection

Many people believe that a standard home inspection, like a valuation, also includes a safety check; sadly, this isn’t the case. Property inspectors aren’t qualified in all things electrical and don’t check the things that we do.

A North Shore Electricals Safety Check begins with the removal and analysis of some of your electrical devices. We will check the following:

  • Whether the wiring is correct
  • The integrity of the connections
  • The condition of the wire feeding to the appliance
  • For correct polarity and open grounds

The next phase is to see if any problems can be found in other areas; we’ll check for:

  • Corrosion and any damage caused by dissimilar metals or improper connections
  • Proper earth grounding and its integrity
  • The existence and integrity of a driven ground/earth rod
  • The proper operation of protection or residual current devices

Commercial Safety Inspection

Commercial properties have an obligation to perform safety inspections. Businesses must provide a safe working environment for all employees and meet strict safety regulations.

North Shore Electricals can perform commercial safety inspections and will do the following:

  • Inspect
    • Lights and switches
    • Power outlets
    • Writing
  • Test
    • Appliances
    • Emergency exit lighting
    • Electrical tools
    • Earth continuity
    • Insulation resistance
    • Safety switches
    • Smoke Alarms
  • Ensure compliance with Electrical Safety Regulations
  • Repair defective items

Our level 2 service technicians will ensure your property meets Workplace Health and Safety Regulations.

At the end of the inspection, we’ll present you with an easy-to-read report. It will describe every test done and the results, and it will clearly list any areas where there is a defect of a potential defect.

We’ll even provide a quote for any necessary works to ensure the property fulfils the specifications of the regulations. 

Why choose North Shore Electricians

We’ve been performing electrical inspections across Sydney for years and have visited thousands of homes and businesses.

Your safety is of the utmost importance to us, and our checks go above and beyond the industry guidelines. 

Our highly trained service technicians can spot issues or hazards in record time. Our electrical inspections are thorough and come with a safety certificate once the property has passed.

How Much Does an Electrical Inspection Cost

Electrical inspections don’t cost anywhere near what many people expect. In fact, residential inspections can begin from as low as $100 and commercial ones from $200. 

The total price will depend on the size of the property and the number of devices that need to be checked. 

Click here for a detailed quote, and we can get to work on inspecting your property to protect your family or tenants’ safety.

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